We are a team of experts, business people, specialists, network marketers, and programming professionals who came together to contribute to this movement. Anyone can join MINING RUSH and earn money through our shared mining pool.

MINING RUSH was established in January 2018 for the promotion and development of all virtual currencies. We will use the revolutionary blockchain technology used for virtual currency in addition to AI (artificial intelligence) technology, which has developed considerably in recent years, to return earnings to investors with maximum efficiency and contribute to the further development of society.

By filling the world’s information gaps and diversifying means, the advent of the Internet has reduced inequality throughout the world. With the advent of virtual currency, all people who are connected to the Internet can reduce inequality of money and contribute to winning currency freedom. We strongly believe in the future of virtual currency and are convinced that we can contribute to the progress of humanity by providing various services through this revolutionary technology.


Duong Ching Thang

BlackBlock Co., Ltd. is a company that provides comprehensive blockchain-related services in Vietnam and other countries around the globe.
Our goal is to utilize the power of blockchain technology and offer a variety of related services to create new value and contribute to the advancement of society.
In addition, we aim to deploy services perfectly tailored to the needs of each and every one of our clients in the spirit of "coexistence and co-prosperity" with the upcoming development of the nation of Vietnam.
A new economic environment is already unfolding before our eyes, and what can be seen on the horizon is a world where anyone and everyone can take advantage of the convenience of cryptocurrency.
Together with all our employees, we will push forward and continue to strive to meet the diverse needs of our customers.


Company name

BlackBlock Co.,Ltd


Duong Ching Thang

Scope of business

Blockchain technology development and services


16F C.T PLAZA PHO WALL 22 Vo Van Kiet, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City


The Vietnamese Wall Street, home to the City Securities Trading Center, the State Bank of Vietnam and major stock exchanges

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